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Posted by on in Naturally Farmed Foods

Natural Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

axstj-bloodpressure-1013-520Before you use any form off medication, people tend to consider first the side effects that might be caused by such medication. When it comes to containing blood pressure, natural foods are the only form of medication that is free from any side effects. With a proper diet and keeping your body fit by regular exercise, you will be eradicating any chance of developing blood pressure. 

Basically, hypertension is common is common with unhealthy foods. Most of these foods are rich in fats and lots of salts, common with fast foods from restaurants, junk and processed food. Food rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and fiber is crucial to the proper functioning of our body. 

We should reduce intake of salty and sweet foods as this is a major factor of high blood pressure. Avoid canned food as salt is in large volumes, as it is used as a preservative in them.

Increase intake of vegetables, fruits, boiled and fried food, semi-skimmed milk, lean minced meat and fish as they have low content of fat. It has been scientifically proven that fatty foods are enemy of health. All the food stuffs with high content of fat should be avoided such as sausages, cookies, cream, whole milk, cheddar cheese, chips, pies, nuts, fried chicken, bacon and nuts.  

For lower blood pressure, use ginger. It is the best and appropriate substitute for fat and salt. Besides, it adds flavor and spices up the dishes. It would be healthier to use fresh ginger than the treated ones. With its natural touch, ginger facilitates lower blood pressure in a safe way. 

Garlic is another natural herb that works magic in controlling hypertension. The wild garlic is not only an anti-inflammatory but also an anti-biotic. It stimulates the flow of blood in the heart. Apart from pressure, garlic prevents tooth decay and colds, relieve ear pain and stimulate hair growth.  

Onions is another natural food that helps in reducing blood pressure naturally. Onion works by preventing accumulation of platelets which help in lowering blood pressure naturally.


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The food is excellent.  Probably some of the best steaks I've ever had.  And the Bacon...don't get me started on the bacon!  I am a fitness trainer and recommend this service to all of my clients looking to improve their diet with quality food.

Rating: 5
Mike D