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Home Food Delivery Services in Powell, OHFinding the best home food delivery service is essential.  This is true when you want to enjoy a fresh, hot meal without leaving home.  Still, it’s important to determine your health goals and budget first. Our grocery delivery services can provide you with everything from grass-fed beef to local barbeque sauces and meat flavor enhancers. We are capable of personalizing orders to meet your family's needs.

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The Home Food Delivery Service Experience

We start with an in-home food comparison at no cost. This is a great way of seeing a more vivid perspective of your family’s eating habits are.

Here are some of the benefits:

Budget Friendly - Families are surprised that for what they already spend in the grocery stores, they can provide their family with organic fruits and vegetables, and all-natural locally raised meats. Let us build a program that works best with your current grocery budget.

High Quality - Our local facility adheres to the highest USDA standard procedures. Rest assured that your meats are only top prime cuts.

Customized Menu - Whether you’re preparing for your families everyday meals or on a weight loss plan and want to eat lean proteins to satisfy your appetite, all your needs will be catered to.  Each plan is customized according to your family’s health/consumption needs.

Nutrition - Enjoy food with higher nutritional value delivered right to your door. Naturally Farmed Foods has no additives or injections from the growth cycle all the way through processing and packaging.

Quick - The best thing about the in-home comparison is that it takes less time to plan an entire menu than it does to prepare a meal. Additionally, the time it takes to get your food ordered, fresh cut and delivered can be less than 7 days

Convenience -  All deliveries are planned around your schedule; Days or Evenings.

 Hamburger Patties, Locally Raised Meat – Powell, OHThe Naturally Farmed Foods Difference

  • Delivery service is absolutely free.
  • We offer the highest quality meats and they are guaranteed to satisfy.
  • Expect exellent customer service with our highly trained and expierienced staff.
  • All products you receive are individually vacuum sealed, maintaining the freshness from day 1 to 601.

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