Free-Range and Organic Grocery Delivery Service in Powell, OH

The naturally Farmed Foods menu includes only the finest local farm meats, fruits, and vegetables. We also offer wild-caught seafood. Our food comes from farms that value the tradition of natural growth so you won’t find steroids, hormones, antibiotics, dyes, fillers, or preservatives in our food. Our team has perfected the NFF line of sauces and flavor enhancers that will make any meal burst with flavor! Find out why our barbeque sauce is flying off the shelves by ordering yours today.

Menu Items

Beef - Pork - Poultry - Specialty Meats - Seafood - Pasta - Vegetables - NFF Exclusives



Grass Fed Beef in Powell, OHOur grass fed beef is raised right here in Ohio without steroids, hormones or antibiotics. Aged to perfection free of chemicals, dyes, fillers or preservatives and hand cut to your specifications. We provide a large variety of beef products.  Some of our more popular selections are mouth watering filets, ‘just like your moms’ meat loaf, and beef for stir fry just to name a few!  Don’t forget to try the Jumbo Steak Burgers for those summer barbeques

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Pork We have a wide range of pork products from our thick-cut slab bacon to our boneless center-cut pork chops, the best you've ever eaten!  Looking for something special to add to your next spaghetti dish?  Try either the hot or mild Italian Sausage. As with all our Local meat selections, feel good knowing you’re eating chemical & additive free meats that have never been treated with hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

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PoultryOur poultry selection is as exceptional as our beef.  Everything from our pre-trimmed, second to none, boneless skinless chicken breast to our juicy and tender whole roasting chickens. Not to worry parents, we even carry chicken tenders you can bread yourself for the little ones! Our turkey can take care of you all year round too. Turkey sausage for breakfast, juicy burgers & brats and that glorious bird on your Thanksgiving table. Oh, did we mention that our poultry products are free of hormones, antibiotics & steroids? Never any water, brines, fillers or preservatives added during processing either.

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For elegant home dining consider serving tender veal or lucious lamb. Our veal and lamb are both additive and preservative free.



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Wild Caught Seafood in Powell, OHTry our excellent array of Wild Ocean Caught seafood ranging from tuna steaks to Alaskan salmon, or our large succulent sea scallops.  Want something a little more on the mild side? go with our tilapia fillets, jumbo shrimp or orange roughy.

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Our handmade pasta selection comes from Pasta Ditoni's in Columbus.  This line of pasta meets the Naturally Farmed Foods standard of quality.  Only all natural tomato and oyster dyes are used in their preservative free pastas.  We recommend the Bolognese, Six Cheese and Asparagus Ravioli's as our favorites!

We also provide Pasta Ditoni's long Pastas, including Fettucini and Spaghetti, among others.

UPDATE!!!  We are now carrying select varieties of GLUTEN FREE PASTA!

Also - if you need some recipe ideas - check out Pasta Ditoni's Recipes for some great ideas!

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Vegetables - Local Farm Vegetables in Powell, OHWe provide the best quality frozen vegetables on the market today.  We have both All-Natural, and Organic Frozen Vegetables available, as well as Organic Frozen Fruits. 

Dairy Farm - We know that more often than not the best flavor comes from the old fashioned way of doing things.  Thats why we also offer a fantastic Amish Valley Butter that is rich and creamy and most importantly - delicious.

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Local Barbeque Sauces in Powell, OHSauces and Flavor Enhancers - Naturally Farmed Foods has perfect our own line of sauces to compliment any meal!  Not to mention our flavor enhancers that will make any chicken breast, pork chop or steak burst with flavor that will keep you coming back for more!


Desserts - We saved the best for last! Try our exquisite New York Cheesecake, or satisfy your sweet tooth with our pre-cut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that’s to die for.  Whether you’re baking them, or eating it straight out of the box.  Enjoy! 

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