United Pro – Sharp® Cutlery

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  • 8” Chef’s Knife - For slicing, chopping, mincing and cutting.
  • 7” Japanese Santoku Knife -Great for utility work. Use it for meat, poultry, fish, light chopping and dicing.
  • 8” Slicing Knife - For carving large poultry, ham and roasts.
  • 8” Bread Knife - Ideal for bread, rolls, and fruit
  • 6” Boning Knife - For separating cooked and uncooked meat or poultry from the bone.
  • 8” Diamond Knife Sharpener – For putting the edge back on your knife. Its quick, easy and will never wearout.
  • 7” Carving Fork – Securely holds all meat and poultry for carving and slicing.
  • 4.5” Steak Knives – Our semi-scalloped blade design ensures a quick and clean cut, will not tear or drag. For all meats, poultry and pork.
  • 14 Pc. Knife Storage Block – Provides easy countertop access, but also protects your knives and blades from damage.
  • 3.5” Paring Knife -  Handy Knife for peeling, coring and slicing. Excellent for fine work, such as creating garnishes.

Design and Workmanship

  • Fine knife making is not a lost art. The steel selected for Pro-Sharp® knives is “Chrome-Molybdenum – Vanadium ( the finest steel in the world)”. Cr-Mo-V15 will not stain, nor rust and provides a razor sharp edge. Pro –Sharp knives will provide a lifetime of service. We guarantee it!
  • All Pro – Sharp®knives are handcrafted and fully forged. The Pro – Sharp®   forging method requires a minimum of fifty hand done operations. This process although time consuming is necessary for creating the finest knives in the world.
  • Every Pro – Sharp®knife is precision polished, with a tapered edge ground at a twenty degree angle. This provides a resilient, strong and durable blade, making it easier to cut through food and easier to sharpen.
  • Pro – Sharp® knives are designed to be an extension of your hand. Our knives are crafted to have a full tang construction. Along with a ergonomically designed handle, there is also a guard at the heel of the blade which provides strength, precise balance and comfort while in use. Your hand and arm will never tire using a Pro – Sharp®  knife.
  • All Pro – Sharp® knives are dishwasher safe.
  • Pro – Sharp® convienent countertop storage block provides easy access for your knives. It also protects the knife blades from damage.
  • Pro – Sharp® is a masterpiece in design and workmanship. While most knives can be stamped and assembled in hours, we at Pro – Sharp® strive for perfection. To achieve that level of quality each knife will take two months to complete. A Pro – Sharp® knife will undergo a minimum of Sixty quality control inspections.  If it does not pass, that knife will be thrown away, it is as simple as that. When you purchase a Pro – Sharp® knife you can be assured of receiving the finest cutlery available in the world. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

United Pro-Sharp® Sets

 8 Piece Steak Knife Set – Contains eight Pro – Sharp® steak knives. Also available in 4 piece set. (not shown)

3 Piece Japanese Knife Set – Contains 7” Santoku Knife. Great for utility work, light chopping and dicing. 7” Gyuto Knife considered the most versatile all purpose knife in the kitchen, 5” Petty Knife – used for paring, peeling, slicing etc. Used for general kitchen work.


3 Piece Carving Set – Contains: 7” Carving Fork, 8” Carving Knife, 8” Diamond Sharpener. Also available: 2 piece Carving Set – Contains : 7” Carving Fork, 8”Knife. ( not shown)


 United Pro-Sharp® Cutlery Open Stock

  • 3” Peeling Knife
  • 3.5 “ Paring Knife
  • 4.5” Utility Knife
  • 6” Small Chef Knife
  • 6” Boning Knife
  • 7” Santoku Knife
  • 8”Bread Knife
  • 8” Fillet Knife
  • 7” Carving Fork
  • 8” Carving Knife
  • 8” Slicing Knife
  • 8” Chef Knife
  • 10” Chef Knife
  • 8” Diamond Sharpener
  • 6” Cleaver

United Pro - Sharp® Lifetime Warranty

United Pro - Sharp® Cutlery is hand crafted using the finest steel available and is manufactured to conform with the highest standards in the cutlery industry. Each piece of United Pro – Sharp® Cutlery is guaranteed to be free of any and all defects in material or workmanship. United Pro - Sharp® will replace at no cost any returned knife with manufacturers defect. (Shipping additional)







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